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A programmer enters a moderately high brow Greek restaurant in a moderately high brow neighborhood.  The type of neighborhood that fines people for parking in front of the residents’ houses whilst dining at  local restaurants.  He sits down, and waits for his luncheon guests. Greek Waiter: Hello and welcome.  My name is Mmmrmpf-Mmmrburgh. Programmer: I […]

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07.10.08 | 0

The Singles Scene

I guess things are a bit different nowadays. Last Saturday I was at a cocktail party, well… It was an awards presentation with buffet and open bar. Lots of married couples, but a few singles milling about. A woman walked up to me and struck up a conversation on the usual subjects; Didn’t I see […]

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28.04.08 | 0

What’s in a Name: II

A while back I went to a Birthday Party. It was thrown by a friend who I’d met at ‘The Lab,’ where I was hired for my very first job in Data Processing. Now that was my very first job in computers, so it was quite a while ago, and the party took on something […]

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17.12.07 | 0

A Man Walks Into a Bar

A programmer goes to a bar one Sunday night. It is a TGI-Friday’s. It is a very normal, mainstream establishment. If there are no TGI-Friday’s in your town, think of an International House of Pancakes with margaritas. The Programmer sits at one end of the bar. At the other end is a burly, bearded man […]

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