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01.08.13 | 0

Fluffy White Dog Update

So it’s been hot in LA. It’s been hot for a while, and the Fluffy White Dog has stopped going for walks. My first reaction was that he’s old, and an invalid, and wasn’t up to the stroll. I was, once again, wrong. Saturday morning somebody from some local government agency is trimming the trees […]

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Everyone used to drive pickup trucks. Now not so much. On the one hand you were never in charge of driving everyone anywhere as part of the car pool. On the other hand, you always spent your Saturday mornings ‘Helping Friends Move Things.’ You also spent a disproportionate amount of time listening to the girlfriend […]

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12.01.08 | 0

Wardrobe Issues

I am no longer master of my wardrobe. Technically, I am no longer master of my socks. My athletic socks started to wear out at the end of last year. At first I thought that they had permanent stains on the toe and heels, but careful investigation revealed that these were not stains, but really, […]

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