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08.09.09 | 0

What’s in a Name

I was watching TV the other night. Actually, I was watching Late Night TV. Well, really, Late Night TV was on, but I wasn’t really paying a great deal of attention. So I missed the intro before the actor came out. But I did look up from my new book on the History of ‘sin’ […]

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11.02.09 | 0

What’s In a Name

Eventually this is about a TV show in America. Bear with me. Philosophically, I suppose, I don’t understand the name M’Bai. And this is only partially because in geography class as a schoolboy we were all taught to pronounce it Bombay. When we were youngsters we all thought that Bombay was the name of a […]

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21.01.09 | 0

Must See TV: II

Very interesting. In a boring sort of way, for people with nothing better to think about. As I’ve already admitted, I find myself strangely drawn to channel 57-5. Which displays a live feed of three pine trees on a California hillside under the call letters “SNOW CA” Well, the station is gone now. Not exactly […]

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09.01.09 | 0

Must See TV

I suspect that I’m the only man in Christendom who doesn’t have cable. Or satellite either. I just pull in my TV programs through the old, originally purchased at Radio Shack, antenna atop my roof. A few months ago, at the prodding of numerous on air personalities – including Oprah for heaven’s sake – I […]

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For those unfamiliar with the ‘Little White Dust Mop Dog’ suffice it to say that one of his many idiosyncrasies is considering the TV not as an electronic entertainment device, but rather a window onto the outside world. A window that reveals an intermittent and unpredictable series of threatening animals, only some of which must […]

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18.02.08 | 0

Geography in the News

I frequently complain about the television news. Somtimes I exaggerate for effect. Sometimes even I know that I’m exaggerating. Mostly I poke fun at the local news. The news broadcasts here in LA have very high production values (sets, make up, lighting, etc.), but usually very poor writing. I believe that there is an official […]

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28.01.08 | 0

My First Hollywood Job

I don’t think that I work in Hollywood any more. My most recent Hollywood job was back in 1996. On that occasion, most of my time was spent in organizing computer files and keying in abstract numbers that controlled the facial expressions of a computer generated bottle stopper. Most would agree that when it’s been […]

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17.01.08 | 0

Words: Coronate

One of the advantages, I suppose that’s debatable, of living in LA is the TV. There are many stations, and some of them have very odd programming. Except for the cable cartoon channels I don’t think that any of them are deliberately trying to be odd. It just sort of happens. The less affluent PBS […]

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11.01.08 | 0

Late Night TV in LA

So last Sunday night I fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up it was very late, and there was some sort of Infomercial playing in the TV. It was for a product named ‘Yoga Booty Ballet.’ One infers that this item uses yoga, to enhance and tone your booty, Umm… So that your […]

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27.12.07 | 0


The very first time that I heard, or more accurately read, the word Beowulf was in a high school English class. Mrs. Wells had perfected the technique of presenting any sort of literature in such a fashion so as to completely kill off any interest in the subject on the part of impressionable 15 year […]

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