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18.02.08 | 0

Geography in the News

I frequently complain about the television news. Somtimes I exaggerate for effect. Sometimes even I know that I’m exaggerating. Mostly I poke fun at the local news. The news broadcasts here in LA have very high production values (sets, make up, lighting, etc.), but usually very poor writing. I believe that there is an official […]

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14.02.08 | 0

My Dog Hates Flamingos

Yes, that’s right. My dog hates flamingos. Previous posts have chronicled all the other animals on the TV that raise the ire of the ‘Little White Dust Mop Dog,’ but now we must add flamingos to the list of video screen creatures from which the home must be defended. Yesterday there was a car commercial […]

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08.02.08 | 0

The Price of a Sandwich

The other day I, once again, stopped by a Subway Sandwich Shop for lunch. After previous sandwich adventures I’d switched shops to a location north of my home. Having given up on the franchises to the; south, west, and really, really west. I was greeted by a new employee. She was short, attractive, Asian, young […]

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