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28.04.08 | 0

What’s in a Name: II

A while back I went to a Birthday Party. It was thrown by a friend who I’d met at ‘The Lab,’ where I was hired for my very first job in Data Processing. Now that was my very first job in computers, so it was quite a while ago, and the party took on something […]

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22.04.08 | 0

Airplane Parts: I

Before I embark on the history of my career in airplane parts I suspect that I should provide a little bit of background on consulting in general. I’d been a consultant for quite some time, but it wasn’t until mid way through 1998 that I stumbled across the secret of the consulting universe. And that […]

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07.04.08 | 0

What’s in a Name ? I

My middle name is Dow. It’s one of those ancestral last names that my family always inserts into the middle of a male child’s name to commemorate the owner of the first land grant from King George III in 1783. Which makes us sound far more regal than a farming family from the east coast […]

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