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Most of the time I write code for businesses that do not use it. More specifically, I write custom management reports that the client pays for, and then they never bother to print out the report ever again. Oh, sometimes they do print them, but then there’s usually some sort of unpleasant political shoot-out in […]

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19.05.08 | 0

Airplane Parts: II

I may have established in earlier rants that my career as a consultant relies upon writing computer programs that don’t really do anything. It’s not that the programs don’t work. I think that they’re all pretty darned elegant. (That’s programmer, weenie jargon for good.) However, after they’re written either; 1.) No one uses them, or […]

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05.05.08 | 0

What’s in a Name: III

I’ve already mentioned that I use my middle name instead of my first name. And I’ve already described my first summer job at an amusement park where the personnel department printed up my nametag so that it said “Thomas,

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02.05.08 | 0

Clothes Make the Man

I have a nodding acquaintance with a Korean banker at the gym. I suppose I should explain that. I have a nodding acquaintance with a Korean banker in my aerobics class at the gym. Hmm… Let’s try that again. 1.) Ten years ago my then doctor told me that I needed to; change my diet, […]

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