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27.06.08 | 0

Everything’s Relative

The other day the governor of California, who the little white dust mop dog detests just as much as a grizzly bear fishing, announced that the state was in the middle of a drought. Since Los Angeles is located within the confines of California, one can then logically infer that LA is in the middle […]

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16.06.08 | 0

What’s In a Name: IV

By now readers will be well versed in my use of my middle name and the comedic hijinx that ensues there from. This is frequently amplified by the fact that I am now old, I don’t always think of myself as old… but society seems to insist upon it, and that my father was old. […]

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For those unfamiliar with the ‘Little White Dust Mop Dog’ suffice it to say that one of his many idiosyncrasies is considering the TV not as an electronic entertainment device, but rather a window onto the outside world. A window that reveals an intermittent and unpredictable series of threatening animals, only some of which must […]

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