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23.01.09 | 0

Buying a Sandwich

Time has passed, and it appears that the staff at my local Subway Sandwich shop is once again composed of completely new, enthusiastic, but inexperienced employees. Upon noticing this I surmised that I would thus be destined to repeat all of my previous sandwich adventures, with a new supporting cast. However, I was wrong. There […]

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21.01.09 | 0

Must See TV: II

Very interesting. In a boring sort of way, for people with nothing better to think about. As I’ve already admitted, I find myself strangely drawn to channel 57-5. Which displays a live feed of three pine trees on a California hillside under the call letters “SNOW CA” Well, the station is gone now. Not exactly […]

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09.01.09 | 0

Must See TV

I suspect that I’m the only man in Christendom who doesn’t have cable. Or satellite either. I just pull in my TV programs through the old, originally purchased at Radio Shack, antenna atop my roof. A few months ago, at the prodding of numerous on air personalities – including Oprah for heaven’s sake – I […]

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01.01.09 | 0

The Little White Dog

This is an animal that is always a source of educational experiences, or at least amusing ones. My dog is now afraid of the kitchen. Or perhaps more accurately, he is now afraid of the kitchen floor. I’m not exactly certain when this began, because the little white dog has certain communication problems. When he […]

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