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27.04.09 | 3


Programmers always have stories about end users and passwords. Mostly these center on the hilarious misunderstanding of the nature of passwords. Hilarious is a relative term, programmers tend to be pretty dull people. Every business has at least one employee who listens politely while the representative from I.T. explains about why everyone has their own […]

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Maybe this only bothers me because I’m a programmer. For programmers, “It’s either a 0 or a 1.

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07.04.09 | 0

Canine Victory

At least victory of a sort. The little white dust mop dog is, apparently, no longer afraid of the kitchen floor. As is evidenced by the following. 1.) He now stands in the middle of the kitchen floor and barks at me, presumably in hopes of receiving bits of toast, whilst I prepare breakfast. 2.) […]

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