So it’s been hot in LA. It’s been hot for a while, and the Fluffy White Dog has stopped going for walks. My first reaction was that he’s old, and an invalid, and wasn’t up to the stroll. I was, once again, wrong.

Saturday morning somebody from some local government agency is trimming the trees in front of my house. This issue must immediately be addressed by going out and barking at them. And then, much to my surprise… It’s time for a walk. So off we go.

Now I’ve already established that the Fluffy White Dog is not a canine rocket scientist. So I don’t know why this surprised me, but on the return leg of the walk we stumbled across what was obviously some sort of ‘prey item.’ Or at least something that FWD though he could take in a fair fight. (Unlike the neighbor’s pet hen, that used to beat him every time.) Anyway, there is much excitement, and barking, and pulling on the leash to get at this ‘prey item.’ So I’m pulled along as part of the attack. And, eventually, we corner it up against a flower planter in a neighbor’s driveway.

There is much barking, and jumping up and down, and moving from side to side. The prey completely intimidated. Indeed, frozen in terror.  Or maybe it didn’t move because it was somebody’s newspaper.

After we taught the newspaper a lesson we went into the house and had a doggie treat.

Funny Thing (doggie) Life

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